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Elevating Community & Workplace Well-being with Accessible Digital Solutions

Getting started with Community & Workplace PLANS

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Build Your Healing Community

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Cogni Fresh Start Hub


  • Personalized Dashboard with logo and profile branding
  • Algorithm-Enhanced Decision Support
  • Tailored Weekly/Monthly Wellbeing Program
  • Codesigned Wellbeing Initiatives/Templates
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Individual and Group Workshops
  • Cogni Wellness Cup App
  • Selection of Promotional Features 

500 users/$299/month

As low as $5.98 per user (sliding scale)

Cogni Advanced Hub

Pro Bundle

  • Everything in STARTER Hub, plus:
  • Access to Cogni’s Affiliates Content Library and Programming
  • Scripted Cogni Wellness Cup App
  • Severity-driven algorithm
  • Data analytics: customized metrics (engagement, retention, progress)
  • Cogni reports & information processing
  • Premium Access to Specialized therapists Bundles
  • Access to all features 

500-1500 users/$499+/month

Volume Discount % Per User (Sliding Scale)

White-labelled Licensing

Premium Bundle

  • Everything in Advanced Hub, plus:
  • Customization of algorithm tailored to fit your specific needs
  • Exclusive White Label Branding
  • Priority Access to New Features and Updates
  • Enhanced Security Measures
  • Dedicated Account Management Support
  • Premium Customer Support Hotline

On-demand Premium plan

Individualized, safe self-guided
wellness support On-demand

HIPAA compliant platform

HIPAA/PIPEDA complaint registration/login system.

Self-guided support for your wellness program

Transform your community into a leading well-being space with Cogni®. Guide users to Cogni®’s responsive web platform, identify needs and recommend the self-directed coaching app with automated assessments and tailored programming. Supported by your Mental Health and Wellness Benefits/EAP, break taboos, foster connection, and raise awareness through the integration of your own Cogni® inclusive healing community. Secure your spot in our upcoming pilot program.

Improving your community's wellness

Self-guided workshops + exercises

The Self-Guided Wellness Cup is a powerful tool that can make a significant impact on individual well-being. Here’s how it can help: to fit your needs and organization’s culture.

Cost-effective program

A HIPAA/PIPEDA compliant registration/login system. It offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional wellness programs. Individuals can access valuable resources without the need for expensive memberships or appointments.

Build your Community

For community center members and employees, it can foster a sense of belonging and community. Users can share their experiences and insights, creating a supportive network of individuals working toward similar wellness goals.


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