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Cogni®, an AI-powered teletherapy platform to expand mental health and wellness to more individuals on waiting lists, during therapy transitions, and post-therapy.


Tailored Mental Health and Wellness Solution

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Prioritizing School Counseling Beyond Academics

Augmenting student well-being with evidence-based self-guided immersive solutions. Our tools assist school counselors in consultations, enabling them to support more students effectively.

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Practitioner United: Affiliate Program

Unlock enduring impact with the Cogni®. Strengthen your mental health practice with our AI-powered monitoring solutions, assisting you in your clinical decisions so you can support more individuals on waiting lists, during therapy transitions, and following therapy completion, enhancing well-being control beyond your office.   Join our Affiliate program today.

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Promoting Community Wellness

Elevate well-being with Cogni®: Our teletherapy platform tailors AI-powered wellness programs and on-demand assisted therapy based on individual needs, prioritizing by severity. Promote a collective, inclusive, and culturally sensitive approach to foster community healing.

Why choose Cogni®?


Algorithm to streamline
severity of needs

Tailored therapy pathways


Culturally sensitive


Data security
and privacy


and timely care



Our Story

Welcome to COGNI®! With 15+ years of combined healthcare and education experience.

Our mission is to expand the reach of mental health and wellness support. Cogni®, a secure teletherapy platform, unites diverse practitioners to make a positive impact. Our goal is clear: provide care without delay to those in North America and beyond, transforming wait times into wellness opportunities.

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AI-enhanced clinical decision-making software

Explore tailored and secure therapeutic solutions, designed to meet your unique needs, with Cogni®.

Assessment algorithm (Results in seconds)


Immediate access to Cogni® wellness program for individuals waiting for care


Specialized assisted therapy suitable for moderate to severe requirements

Immediate complementary solution:
Backed by Science, Universally Embraced

Self-Guided Wellness Program to Specialized Assisted Therapy

The Cogni® wellness program offers AI-assisted personalized self-care programs that can complement clinical interventions with specialized therapeutic assistance, enabling individuals to remain engaged and proactive in their therapeutic journey.

60-70% feel better

Affordable, and personalized plan for one-time, weekly, or monthly to recharge whenever you need.

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We ensure a secure and seamless process

All-in-one platform

Algorithm to assess needs severity

Save Time & Money

Evidence-based assessment

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Personalized Care

Categorized individual needs

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Immediate Therapeutic Pathways

Self-care to assisted therapy tools

Our Customer's Testimonials

I look forward to providing therapy and facilitating transformation with my      clients on the Cogni XR Platform.

Kimberly Cato

TRUE ROOTS Counselling Services

We were fascinated by              how Cogni virtual environments can support us, the Women in Engineering students of Concordia.

Ruma Ahmed

President of WIE, Concordia University

Do you have a waiting list? Don't worry, help more people take control of their wellness journey with Cogni®

“An efficient wellness program for those on a waiting list, during therapy transitions, or post-therapy.
Rather than keeping them on waiting, transform their wait time into a valuable wellness experience.

— Cogni® Team

Are you ready to promote wellness and enrich the resources of your wellness cups?

Immediate complimentary solution

We recognize that having individuals wait for your services can be stressful. Therefore, we provide therapeutic tools as an immediate solution to support those in the waiting period while you consult with others in your caseload. This program is intended to complement your professional services, enhancing the overall support you offer.

Holistic Well-Being:

Our wellness program addresses all 8 dimensions of wellness, ensuring a comprehensive self-guided program to enhance various aspects of an individual's life.

Waiting time well spent!

Expertly Designed:

The content is codesigned with you and our specialists, enabling us to provide the right evidence-based assistance that is aligned with your services.

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