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Expanding Well-being Reach for All, Together.

Tailored solutions to overcome capacity constraints in schools and mental health systems, to help millions of young people flourish.


Tailored Mental Health and Wellness Solution

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Prioritizing Well-being in Schools & Sports Teams

Offer a quick path to overall well-being, academic retention, engagement, and success, providing everyone with tools to manage stress, even in competitive sports.

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Health and Social Services Providers: Grow Well, United

Service providers can surpass capacity constraints, break down silos, and amplify the impact on individual well-being by assisting more people waiting for care.  

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Championing Workforce & Community Well-being

Evolve into the premier environment for your team's well-being with Cogni®. By helping employees balance work and their caregiving responsibilities.

Why choose Cogni®?


timely care







& privacy



Become an affiliate partner and co-create well-being opportunities with us

Join us as an affiliate provider to co-create content,  and foster an experiential healing community. Collaborate with fellow professionals and contribute to a wealth of knowledge, ensuring comprehensive and timely care for individuals. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the well-being journey without delay.

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AI-enhanced clinical decision-support software

Explore tailored and secure therapeutic solutions, designed to meet your unique needs, with Cogni®.

Assessment algorithm (Results in seconds)


Immediate access to Cogni® self-directed app (coach or uncoached programs)


Specialized assisted therapy software tailored to individual or group needs with features to manage practice

Immediate self-directed coaching solution:
Backed by Science, Universally Embraced

Cogni® Wellness Cup app

Cogni® Wellness Cup is a reference-based self-directed coaching program that uses an algorithm to assess user needs for tailored weekly and monthly in-app programs. Enhanced by advanced assisted therapy management software, it complements clinical interventions, enabling proactive engagement in the user’s therapeutic journey.

60-70% feel better

Fill users’ cups with affordable, personalized plans for individual or group (synchronous or asynchronous) weekly or monthly support. Enjoy volume discounts tailored for user-based scalability.

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We ensure a secure and seamless process

Centralized HUB

Multifaceted Community

Save Time & Money

Severity-driven algorithm

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Precision Programming

Data-analytics: trends & patterns

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Immediate Therapeutic Pathways

Seamless personalization

Our Customer's Testimonials

I look forward to providing therapy and facilitating transformation with my      clients on the Cogni XR Platform.

Kimberly Cato

TRUE ROOTS Counselling Services

We were fascinated by              how Cogni virtual environments can support us, the Women in Engineering students of Concordia.

Ruma Ahmed

President of WIE, Concordia University

Facing a waiting list? Rest assured, help more individuals regain control of their wellness with Cogni®

Small practice, school, or community organization facing capacity limitations? Rather than keeping users on the waiting list, transform their wait time into a valuable wellness experience. We’ve got you covered with a sliding scale that fits your budget and user-based needs.

— Cogni® Team

Secure your spot in our upcoming pilot program, Join us for an informative session! 

Immediate complimentary solution

Facing time and financial challenges building a diverse team? Envision a solution where money isn't a barrier. Join our affiliate program, a step closer to prioritizing what matters most—providing timely, on-demand support for your users. Cogni's self-guided coaching app expands the reach of your mental health and wellness support delivery.

Holistic content library—Expertly co-designed

Explore our expertly co-designed content library, covering the 8 dimensions of well-being. Includes self-regulation videos, self-awareness tools, ebooks, and workshops. Co-designed by Affiliate specialists, supporting users on their journey

Make the most of it and save time!

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