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Welcome to Cogni®

Our Core Values

Guided by our core values, we are committed to providing exceptional user experiences. We prioritize cultural competence and dedicate ourselves to removing obstacles for service providers, empowering them to extend care to millions and cultivate a resilient healing community.


Our transparency and ethical conduct build trust, upholding our commitment to well-being.


We are committed to delivering superior quality experiences, blending advanced technologies,ensuring the highest standards in mental health care.


Trust and safety remain integral, safeguarding the well-being of all involved with Cogni.


Our affiliate program unites practitioners to expand their reach, fostering collaboration to overcome barriers.


Our service is grounded in empathy, acknowledging the unique needs of each person seeking support, and preserving practitioner’s well-being.


Our success is gauged by the positive change we create, customer satisfaction, empowering practitioners to support more individuals, and fostering a healthier society.

Who we are

Our story

Emmanuella Michel, Ph.D., a mental health innovator with 15+ years’ of experience, leads a team of Subject-matter Experts. We collaborate to help reduce ER visits and prevent practitioner burnout, with Cogni’s digital management platform expanding care for a brighter future.

Trusted Collaborators

Dedicated to the well-being of our community

Subject Matter Experts

Our Team

Emmanuella Michel
Emmanuella Michel
PhD (c), Ulaval, CA

Our Founder and CEO

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-20 at 11.18
Loreena Gabriel
BSC Communications

 Communications and Special Projects

DR. Pete Markiewicz

Product Development- Quality UI-UX 

Sunali Katiyar
Destiny Digitals

Web developer

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-10 at 8.34
DR, Jessica Prince, MD, MFM

Medical Analyst & Advisor

How we support

Empowering Inclusion and quality of care

Promoting well-being with practitioners through a digital management platform, ensuring inclusive, quality care, bridging gaps, and reaching diverse populations for tailored mental health support.

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