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Empower your students with counseling services to enhance their well-being

Create a healthier school environment by providing the best suitable therapeutic pathways to support their academic experience. Explore innovative wellness programs that go beyond the conventional, readily available anytime, anywhere.

PLANS for School Counselors

Free 15-day trial

Add up to 3 children

Cancel Anytime

30% discount

Billed Yearly

Billed Monthly

*if accepted*


School/Wellness Centers
& Private offices 10-50 Users

• All-in-one plug & play

• Starter’s Kit (included)

• 2 month to follow $5000/ye


$ 5k+

School/Wellness Centers & Private offices 50 + Users

• All-in-one plug & play

• Starter’s Kit (included)

• $500/month & 5000$+/year


Connect your students to the
future of wellness

Bring the latest tech to a new generation

Access to XR-based therapeutic and training solutions, designed for a generation redefining their needs.

School Counselors Affiliate program

The School Counselors Affiliate Program is a dynamic initiative aimed at creating a collaborative network of school counselors and mental health professionals.

Customize the student experience

 Tools for culturally competent interventions are accessible via their mobile and another responsive platform to engage every student and foster a sense of belonging.

Filling their cup with wellness

Self-guided workshops + exercises

 Access exclusive training, workshops, and resources to stay updated with the latest trends and techniques in school counseling.

Upgrade and Join the Affiliate Program

A HIPAA/PIPEDA compliant registration/login system to our AI-powered wellness cup.

Build your school wellness community

Join a supportive community of fellow school counselors and mental health practitioners. Share experiences, strategies, and insights to enrich your practice.

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Ready to transform your student's wellness?

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