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SELF-directed cup of WELLNESS for individuals with partner's reference

Enhance personal well-being during service wait times with the Self-directed Wellness Cup—an innovative app developed by our Affiliate mental health experts. It efficiently addresses individual needs across the 8 dimensions of well-being, offering customized evidence-based coaching and uncoached support through various resources such as videos, worksheets, workshops, and assignments.

PLANS for on-demand self-directed programs

Weekly Self-directed coach and uncoached individual
& Group Support

Discount on volume 

Unlimited Self- directed coach & uncoached Individual & group support

Discount on volume

Advanced white-labelled licensing

Customized wellness cups programming and codesign

How it works ?

1. Choose your plan

Weekly to monthly programming

2. Access & assessment algorithm

Detect trends and behavior patterns

Group 1000002105

3. Wellness Cup recommendation

personalized wellness program

Group 1000002107

4. Monitoring user pathways

Report/user journey tracking

Ready to break free from capacity constraints?

Try the Cogni® Wellness Cup app

Join one of our information sessions, and see how it works.

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