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Digital therapeutic solutions to optimize your practice and overcome your capacity limits

PLANS for Health & social services

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Cogni Fresh Start Hub


  • Personalized Dashboard with logo and profile branding
  • Algorithm-Enhanced Decision Support
  • Tailored Weekly/Monthly Wellbeing Program
  • Codesigned Wellbeing Initiatives/Templates
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Individual and Group Workshops
  • Cogni Wellness Cup App
  • Selection of Promotional Features 

500 users/$299/month

As low as $5.98 per user (sliding scale)

Cogni Advanced Hub

Pro Bundle

  • Everything in STARTER Hub, plus:
  • Access to Cogni’s Affiliates Content Library and Programming
  • Scripted Cogni Wellness Cup App
  • Severity-driven algorithm
  • Data analytics: customized metrics (engagement, retention, progress)
  • Cogni reports & information processing
  • Premium Access to Specialized therapists Bundles
  • Access to all features 

500-1500 users/$499+/month

Volume Discount % Per User (Sliding Scale)

White-labelled Licensing

Premium Bundle

  • Everything in Advanced Hub, plus:
  • Customization of algorithm tailored to fit your specific needs
  • Exclusive White Label Branding
  • Priority Access to New Features and Updates
  • Enhanced Security Measures
  • Dedicated Account Management Support
  • Premium Customer Support Hotline

On-demand Premium plan



Cogni expands the reach to mental health and wellness support effectively. Our AI-driven platform aids practitioners in comprehensively assessing patients’ needs, facilitating the fine-tuning of clinical interventions ranging from mild to more specialized services using data grounded in evidence-based practices.

Join an Affiliate Program

This collaborative approach not only enhances care and accessibility but also empowers practitioners to scale their practices effectively.

Guaranteed proof of impact

This demonstrates the impact of the organization’s activities and raises consciousness through the organization’s dedicated activities and events.

Assemble your own self-guided wellness cup packages to your clients on the waiting list

A self-guided wellness cup for clients on the waiting list

A safe tool that offers key benefits. individuals are empowered to take an active role in managing their mental and emotional health. It complements rather than replaces professional care. It serves as a valuable bridge, ensuring that clients are engaged and supported as they await formal services.


The cup can be tailored to individual needs. individual can focus on areas that matter most to them, whether it’s stress reduction, building resilience, or improving self-esteem.

Positive Engagement

By actively participating in their well-being journey, clients become more engaged and proactive in managing their mental health. This engagement contributes to better outcomes.

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